Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

How's Your Weather?

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we're having rainstorms that are supposed to bring us up to 4 inches of rain over the weekend. A blessing, because we're in a severe drought, but also an issue, because the ground is saturated.

Many friends back east are dealing with a snowpocalypse or as the Washington Post calls it, Snowzilla.

How's your weather? How many inches of snow do you have?

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Cold and sunny here! No snow in sight! Which is a relief...I like snow, but now that I have a dog, I measure every weather event by its effects on my floors.
Minnesota (or Minnesnowta as we used to call it) has only gotten a dusting of snow in the last few days, and generally, much less snow than usual. We barely have any on the ground; typically, we have a foot or more of snow cover, and get 3-4 feet or more total through the winter. It has also been warmer than usual. This means we may not have the moisture we need for planting in the spring, and this is an agricultural state.
Cool, clear and dry. Have I mentioned how much I (usually) love Phoenix weather?
We were originally forecast 3-6" in Nittany Valley, but they've uped us to a foot or so, because the storm is pushing further north than expected. The squirrels have been digging on the deck to try and uncover one of the feeders I put out for them :-D
All the snow pictures are giving me an itch to schedule a cross-country skiing day. Haven't strapped them on for a couple years, but the Sierras have enough accumulation that I won't need to worry about scheduling and then having bad snow.
Here in Snowacuse, NY, It is cold (22 F), and clear. Snowzilla will miss us, but we still have about a foot of snow on the ground from the lake effect snow of a few days ago.
Three inches...of standing water.
Oh, dear. In the basement? If so, sympathies.
Here in Madrid, Spain, we're expecting sunny weather tomorrow and 64 degrees.

Which sounds nice, but actually it's a disaster. We should be cold and drizzly, maybe even with sleet. That would be normal for this time of year. Farmers are in a panic, and forest fire season has already started.
We have a bit less than an inch so far in Boston.

having lived in the DC area briefly as a kid, I can tell you, any snow there is surprising, and they don't have the infrastructure for it. (Like, enough plows.)

I think I like Snowzilla more than Snowpocalypse. Not sure. Important decision, here.
DC doesn't have the infrastructure for anything--it doesn't' have representation and Congress won't pass funding for DC which will look bad to their constituents. So yes, not enough plows, lousy transportation, everything.
This is definitely true, though I meant it more as, DC is a southern city, with the experience and ability to deal with snow that implies, and not as, DC is ignored like an ignored thing.
I measured 13 to 18 inches in different spots around my building 3 hours ago--we'll probably add a few more inches to that this evening.
Snowzilla here in central VA. 18-20" where I am, plus some drifting up the wazoo.
a bit on the warm site here, no snow no drought, no flood. Don't know if the weather is affecting the farmers (bound to) or the animals (bound to even more) but personally it is fine
It's actually been quite mild and uneventful up here in Toronto. Cold, but not unusually so, very little snow.
I feel sorta guilty right now for living in California. I have so many friends who are dealing with the Snowpocalypse, and today I was running around in shirtsleeves noticing that the plum trees are budding. Sometimes I think that the cost of living here is just insane, then I remember how many inches of snow we get and I think "yeah, I'm good..."