June 10th, 2005


L&M: Felines, Feminists, and Dangerous Questions

Originally posted at http://lynnkendall.com/lm-felines-feminists-and-dangerous-questions-2/. Feel free to comment there or here.

Originally posted at http://lynnkendall.com/lm-felines-feminists-and-dangerous-questions/. Feel free to comment there or here.

Misia on those man-hating women’s libbers:

“On the whole,” I said, “I have known far fewer feminists who hated men than I have known reasonably average and generally nonpolitical men who have sincerely hated, disrespected, and distrusted women.”

He said “Huh, I guess I never thought of it that way.”

“Yes,” quoth I. “Most people don’t.”

crazysoph on the Irish beer-for-blood program.

crossfire_ brings us felines as furniture

Courtesy [community profile] note_to_cat: What kind of monster throws a one-pound kitten out a car window into four lanes of oncoming traffic? What kind of angel saves his life?

And an update already been made: It takes a little while for the shivers to go away.

housepet shows us: Truly my cat is the Spawn of Satan.

ETA: cataptromancer shows us the ideal container for knight soil.

hobbitblue on the question, “Who is the Greatest American? ”Discovery Channel (& AOL) have a programme to vote for the Greatest American. In amongst Roosevelt and Kennedy and Rosa Parks and MLK we find… Dubya. And Reagan.”

From copperwise: Can someone explain to me why critical thinking skills are such a scarce commodity? Is there a finite amount of logic in the universe that has been depleted? Are we all running off of a half dozen or so brains that we have to pass around or sign up for on a timeshare basis?

From nadinelet: there’s one thing that really gets under my skin. People who use their Art and their Muse as an excuse to write what they want, act how they want, blow off commitments (except the ones that flatter their Art, of course), and generally act like a flake, or an asshole.

My answer to that brings up a host of questions, but I think they will keep for another post.

My LJ Haiku from theodicy

I would change the last word of the first one to “thee” or “you.”

eccentric orbit
that can be summarized
thus i sleep round the

driving ninety
miles an hour in third gear
at least i’m steering

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