May 31st, 2008


Motel Sick

Since Wiscon ended, I've been holed up in a Motel 6 in King of Prussia, but I could have been in Vienna or Venezuela for all I could tell. I got the WisCholera and am just coming out of it. I'm alive, thanks to the kindness and care of my old friend Joe, who brought me ginger ale and yogurt when those were the only things I could stomach.

Never got to my mother's, never got to see my friends in Maryland (which may be a blessing; giving Norovirus to someone who has had a Whipple resection must be a bad idea).

Communications are iffy for now. The wifi at the hotel hasn't been working, and my cell phone will give me messages, but (weirdly) doesn't ring. I was talking with my mother earlier, but was interrupted when she lost power. Severe storms in PA today.

Also, we're having a tornado watch.

Maybe the government could use me as a portable disaster magnet.