July 24th, 2009

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Nightmare Con Experiences

Tell me about your worst experiences at a convention. (SF, mainly, but I'll gladly listen to stories about professional conventions, political conventions, whatever.)

I'm especially interested in issues of accessibility, but also curious about anything that makes a convention unwelcoming or miserable.

If you'd rather not make your story public, feel free to email me -- username at livejournal dot commmm.

My worst experience? At an RWA convention, where my agent invited me to a brunch for clients of the agency. I ended up sitting between two up-and-coming writers (now well-known), one of whom was talented and the other movie-star beautiful. They spent the entire meal sniping at one another across my plate. I was not prepared for that kind of vicious competitiveness, such a raw display of envy and hatred, and I felt trapped.