August 8th, 2009


From Twitter 08-07-2009

  • 12:07:36: @snurri Maybe skeptics and iconoclasts serve a different useful purpose for society.
  • 12:13:58: RT @GABblog: Many women keep having, enjoying sex as they age [[omg no wai!]] [not exactly news as I turn 50]
  • 12:19:43: @Ealasaid Hell, *I'd* go clubbing if clubbing meant walloping jerks with my spiked tail. Thagomize your way to bliss.
  • 12:32:56: @Mollena Have you seen the Halloween pics of the Jello brain I made? Eeriily similar.
  • 16:27:00: @NMamatas Have a bagel for me. The ones in California are insufficiently hostile.
  • 16:58:55: RT: I'll send a Sacagawea Golden Dollar coin to the first 100 who comment on my blog "My First White Party"
  • 17:18:30: @Mollena The brain wasn't for eating. It sat puddled in red with gummy worms and rats as a prop for our crime scene.
  • 17:45:19: Must get ready for tonight's birthday dinner.
  • 23:32:29: @stephenfry I bet the culprit isn't the cheese but the veins of mold. LSD itself is related to a fungus on rye, isn't it?

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