August 13th, 2009


From Twitter 08-12-2009

  • 01:49:52: Awful library books and the librarians who shelve them:
  • 10:29:19: @mactavish Be afraid. Be very afraid.
  • 11:23:27: RT @sovernnation: Equality CA decides NOT to pursue overturning Prop 8 in 2010. Will try to pass gay marriage measure in Nov 2012 sted
  • 12:04:18: Best new abbreviation is from @qikipedia, who called a disturbing image NSFL (not safe for lunch).
  • 15:18:01: @emzylla I edited a book on liver and gall bladder disease. The pictures haunt me still.
  • 15:24:33: @hillarygayle Congratulations!
  • 15:27:20: RT @Junglemonkey There is no alchemy in shouting that transfers the Stupid from you to me. So stop it.
  • 22:07:17: @alleahna Offering gentle hugs and/or imaginative curses, whichever makes you feel better.
  • 22:11:02: RT @whittles Grateful to be outside during a perfect cotton candy pink sky.... [Gorgeous sunset here tonight]
  • 22:26:37: RT: @mactonnies: "The syntactical nature of reality, real secret of magic, is that the world's made of words." --Terence McKenna
  • 22:37:21: @Mollena "The Rifleman" Chuck Connors? He was also a baseball player. Haven't thought of him in years.

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Where Am I?

I'm reading only a few entries, randomly, and responding to even fewer.

I owe everybody email and/or responses.

For a week or more I've been immersed in possessions: sorting, packing, moving, shifting, unpacking, selling, choosing, discarding. Over and over.

I'm not moving house, but I am, shall we say, completing the last few moves, while I prepare for someone else to move in here. It's tiring physical work, but I'm finding it exhilarating. I'm actually cackling as I stack books to be sold. (I'm up to 20 boxes to sell, 7 to donate.) Sometimes I am also breaking into tears. Letting go isn't always easy. But it's time.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of clips of Bonnie Raitt singing duets. I was looking for "Sweet Forgiveness," because it's been an earworm/filk for me all day. ("Tweet forgiveness.") I found these instead.

Collapse )

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How are you doing? And what are you listening to?