August 16th, 2009


From Twitter 08-15-2009

  • 13:50:59: RT @LadyCrow How does it feel to be on your own, like a complete unknown? I guess the Zim found out:
  • 14:23:49: Bargain hunters beware. That 37-inch flat screen TV on sale for $100 was really an oven door.
  • 15:52:28: .@jennafoo Wildfires are named for their point of origin. Apparently Lockheed has a facility in the mountains.
  • 19:59:31: But it doesn't pay. RT @sarahdopp Self-loathing sells.
  • 20:10:25: Thought of #the day. RT @abostick59 Maybe, @bindr and @TheBloggess, if we used a hashtag every time we used #the it would show up.
  • 20:14:48: RT @Mollena Calling out people on their shit is the new black. Be compassionate. Don't be mean...but be REAL.
  • 20:39:24: @lysana Catcher in the Rye: 65 million copies. He's OK financially. Emotionally -- as I said, self-loathing doesn't pay.
  • 23:17:34: RT @cheerful_p @Wordweaverlynn When asked what I give up for Lent, I invariably reply, "Taking other people's shit."
  • 23:19:56: Every year, @cheerful_p, I try to give up self-neglect for Lent. Someday I'll be able to treat myself as well as I'd treat my worst enemy.
  • 23:28:25: @karenbynight Having read reviews, I know I won't be seeing District 9. But Julie and Julia was wonderful.

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