September 6th, 2009


From Twitter 09-05-2009

  • 08:34:09: You're ok if you're running #WP 2.8.4. RT @mashable: WordPress Attack Underway: WordPress Users Must Upgrade [ALERT] -
  • 08:48:08: @its_linds #WordPress is a popular, very powerful blogging system.
  • 10:24:47: I suspect babies are really a small portable form of zombie, because just seeing one sucks my brain out.
  • 22:16:37: RT @mactavish: [Oh. Crap.] RT @AlBoeBNO: BAY AREA: A crack has been found in the Bay Bridge, a Tuesday reopening is in jeopardy.
  • 22:20:55: Good day. Time with Michele. Finally won at Arkham Horror (though I didn't survive). Then a pleasant dinner and baked a peach pie.
  • 22:28:08: RT @52stations: Bumpersticker: "Flirt harder, I'm a physicist."
  • 22:30:21: RT @HautTotes: *WIN THIS SKULL BAG* 497th RT wins bag of choice, 1 RT per hour max

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