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Every stone a story, like a rosary

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Tuesday, September 15th, 2009
3:02a - From Twitter 09-14-2009

  • 04:51:21: @Mollena There ought to be. Especially since King James I, who commissioned the KJV, was flaming.
  • 04:59:29: @kineticphoenix That sounds wonderful. Catss and imaginary journeys on a rainy night.night.
  • 05:11:56: @twrivia McKinley
  • 11:22:10: RT @_housepet: @zillah975 - if a frost bites you, do you turn into a snowperson? (snowzombies, eek!)
  • 11:24:34: Oh please oh please. #baseball RT @earthdog: Phillies Magic Number is 14. They playoffs are very close. Lets see if they can close it out.
  • 19:23:51: Livetweet hard disk replacement: 100 minutes in, iBook almost disassembled. Broke for pizza, football. Pats scored 12 pts in final mins.
  • 19:35:25: Actual hard drive swap took less than a minute. Now @the_ogre must reassemble case, cables, springs, metal, a dozen sizes of tiny screw.
  • 20:05:12: Implements: tweezers, grabbers, 2 multi-headed screwdrivers, half a dozen tiny torque wrenches, and a couple dental picks on steroids.

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7:23p - Fat, Loved, Happy
Share your stories!

I am looking for photos/stories of happy couples in which one OR both people are fat. Email for info: lesley at fatshionista.com

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