September 18th, 2009


Bless the Beasts and Children

I will be offline for almost all of today. So entertain yourselves with these wild animals:

A Cat's Guide to Other Animals.

A (relatively) tiny Tyrannosaurus Rex ancestor. About 1% of the size of a T. Rex, which still makes it a big freaking lizard/bird/thing: three meters long, 65 kg, and probably feathered like an ostrich. I wouldn't want to tangle with it.

There's a reason they call Ithaca (NY) Berkeley East. Ithaca considers composting dog poop.

Keep, uh, plucking that chicken.

Saki's Beasts and Superbeasts. Some of the most witty and sinister animal short stories ever written. Hilarious, yes. Heartwarming, no.