September 20th, 2009


From Twitter 09-19-2009

  • 01:14:56: @nrodovsky apatite. It's a gorgeous shade of blue,often with a hint of green.
  • 11:27:02: RT @earthdog: Shane Victorino is wearing the Phillies Magic Number, 8. Single Digit time is here. Lets Go Phillies.
  • 15:24:40: Happy brain re-calibration day. After much household restructuring and a lot of other work, I'm taking today to rest and recombobulate.
  • 15:52:23: I'm not even a Giants fan, and I'm horrified by the score the Dodgers have racked up. Go Giants! You still have a few innings! #baseball
  • 16:34:40: Why yes, he's a smartass. RT @abostick59: "Get cash for your gold by the mail!" #talklikeapirate
  • 16:37:38: @mactavish Does that mean bisexuals who are agnostic about God, or people agnostic about the existence of bisexuals?
  • 16:58:03: RT @bindr: [:(] RT @johnperrybarlow: I'm old enough to remember when going to the moon was science fiction and not nostalgia. - Jon Callas
  • 17:08:42: @seismogenic What did the pirate say after the earthquake? "But why is the rumble gone?"
  • 17:11:33: If your family tree don't fork, you might be a redneck. Or possibly a Hapsburg. Via @angevin2:
  • 17:17:10: If you mention the moon, @ObiWanKenobi_ will respond, "That's no moon. It's a space station." What a brilliant idea for a bot.
  • 17:24:40: @popelizbet My mother's family is Pennsylvania 11 generations back, and her family tree is Hapsburgian. Even Yankees can be inbred rednecks.
  • 17:38:35: @popelizbet I do know. A southern accent is a handicap for a white person in the north. The Civil War isn't quite over for either side.
  • 22:03:50: Simple yet elegant. RT @Quiara: BEST IPHONE CASE EVAR:

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