October 6th, 2009

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Some Good Ideas, Some Bad Ideas

What a brilliant idea: mining 18th century ships' logbooks for information on weather. The officers who wrote the logs were trained observers with every reason to be accurate -- their lives depended on it -- and they recorded weather conditions daily, even hourly.

The path of the Roomba -- now as art.

In honor of the new Winnie the Pooh books: The psychopathology of Pooh.

Girl, 13, found riding in cardboard box atop van. Via [info - personal] mactavish.

Conservatives are re-translating the Bible so it adheres to free-market principles. I wish I was kidding. What are they going to do with most of the New Testament? All the verses about feeding the hungry, rich men selling everything they have and giving it to the poor, and the last shall be first?

What good ideas and bad ideas have you been entertaining lately?