December 12th, 2009

bad day, weary, one of those days

Welcome to the Handbasket

My Ancestors, Let Me Show You Them. Evidence of mass cannibalism in early Germany. Food-history buffs will be amused to see that the chief excavator is a Dr. Boulestin.

The University of Chicago's Archaic Mark codex is a Victorian/Edwardian fake. Thanks to [personal profile] dakiwiboid.

Dead giant squid invading Oregon! Locals proclaim them "better than those fscking Californians, anyway."

The Crazy Neighbor. Submit a picture to this blog of your neighbor's warped Christmas decorations or rifle-equipped bicycle. See how long it takes him to egg your house or lay mines in your back yard. Thanks to [profile] txtriffidranch.

For the more delicate and refined, you can now cover your pet's rear entry with a cardboard flower. I wish I were kidding.

How are they going to make enough to pay for our Social Security? The US is one of only two nations where adults 25-34 have less education than their parents' generation. Thanks to [profile] jpmassar.

Assuming there *is* such a thing after the oil crash.

But cheer up. The world is always coming to an end, and rarely manages it. 10 Doomsday prophecies that didn't come true.