December 22nd, 2009



On a cooking community, someone just asked about recipes for a ham spread made with pickles. My family never made it with ham. We bought unsliced bologna and put it through the meat grinder. The official name was "ground-up meat." As kids we called it chip-a-dip, though, because we often ate it as a dip with Wise potato chips. It could also be made into sandwiches.

The recipe was roughly:
chunk of bologna
several pickles (sweet or dill)

Put them through an old-fashioned meat grinder. Add store-brand Miracle Whip to make a moist-n-meaty mess of goodness. Well, OK, not goodness. But something to keep the kids more or less fed.

I suppose this recipe is a descendant of potted meats and deviled ham. You could describe it as baloney salad (maybe bologna niçoise!) or non-deviled meatlike spread.

Have you ever heard of this? What did you call it? Any variations?