December 31st, 2009


And May God Have Mercy on Me

Going offline for the move. If you need me, you can text or call my cell phone.

ETA/B> Looks like I have been stood up. My movers were called East Bay Moving Services (510.334.0941). They haven't returned any of my calls for the past couple days. I just figured they were out of town on a big move, maybe, and out of cell phone range. But nothing last night and nothing this morning.

I'm still packing -- that was a given, really. (It's nowhere near as bad as it looks. Honest.) I'd figured they could help.

I've already left messages with a couple of movers and my building super.

I may call my storage place and see if they know anybody who can move me at short notice. They were very nice people.

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Movers Update

I've found replacement movers. They seem very professional and organized -- good web site, electronic signature on the contract, everything. They can help me finish packing (although I've made huge strides myself this morning). They should be here between 2 and 4, so the move will happen late this afternoon.

Right now I am going out to breakfast. I need something solid to eat and someone else to bring it to me.