February 17th, 2010

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Five weeks ago, Leogane was a graceful city by the sea. Now it’s a heap of rubble. Leogane was the epicenter of the Haitian earthquake.

A city of 180,000 people with 90% of its housing destroyed, probably a sixth of its people killed. The grand and beautiful school St Rose of Lima destroyed, with as many as 500 nuns, priests, and students inside. The churches and markets, all the government buildings gone.

Not only was Leogane hit hardest of all the Haitian cities, it’s had a rough time getting aid. But Hands On Disaster Response has set up a project to help the people directly.

My partner, Alan Bostick, is in the first draft of 100 volunteers. He’ll help clean up the mess.

If you pray, please pray for him and the other volunteers. You may also make a tax-deductible donation to help.