April 26th, 2010

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East Bay Peeps -- Cop Activity in CV

I was driving up Grove Way from Foothill when I was diverted -- the road is blocked by cop cars. There must be 10 of them. No ambulances that I saw, definitely no fire engines. It's open again a block later. Anybody know what's going on?

Scientific Study on Social Contacts

I chose a day when I got out to class. Results would be different on many days.

I took part in the social contact survey!

I took part in the Social contact survey, which said that if I were a colour, then I would be a mid-grey! Go here to find your contact type, and help with scientific research.

My network:

contact network
Home<10 mins
Work/School11-30 mins
Travel31-60 mins
Other>60 mins

My contact numbers are:







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Too Good to Keep to Myself

From Overheard in the Office: Casting out the Microsoft demons.

IT guy on phone: Yeah, we had to let Sam* go this weekend. (pause) Yeah, the server's fixed. (pause) Uh, it's sort of weird. (pause) Yeah, well... He was on call rotation and got called in. He was high. (pause) He brought ten packs of pasta noodles with him, and jammed each noodle into the mail server intake fan. (pause) Something like that. He said the sound the noodles made against the Delta fans was the sound of the Microsoft demons being cast from the server. (pause) He managed to fill the server case with noodle shrapnel, which made the system overheat. (pause) How would I know if he successfully cast the demons from the server? (pause) No, it's still booting server 2008, if that's what you mean.


Fandom to the Rescue: Live Liver Transplant

News from rm:
Deb Mensinger needs a new liver, because hers has been destroyed by a genetic form of porphyria. The hope is that Deb's brother will be able to be the live donor (livers are awesome that way). However, Deb's brother lives on the opposite coast and is uninsured, which means there are a lot of expenses involved in all of this that Deb's insurance won't pick up.

So a fandom auction is stepping in to help Deb, her wife (Laurie J. Marks, author of the Elemental Logic series, the Children of the Triad series, The Watcher's Mask, and Dancing Jack, and guest of honor at WisCon 31) and her brother. The auction will open for bidding on May 1, but right now we need people to offer things to bid on! Please visit debsliverlovers to offer items to bid on, and please help spread the word. Thank you!

You can also make your donation to WomanEarthandSpirit AT gmail DOT com via Paypal and PLEASE mark it "For Deb Mensinger" (or "For Deb's Liver" or any similar identifier) in the message box. Woman, Earth & Spirit is a nonprofit organization that works to expand possibilities for women and lesbians, and also sponsors Outland, Maize: A Lesbian Country Magazine, and the New Mexico Women's Guest House, Retreat & Healing Center. They have kindly agreed to umbrella the donations to help us avoid difficulties in handling the monies. Since they are a 501c3 nonprofit corporation organization, your donations will be tax deductible as well. Woman, Earth & Spirit will transfer the money to Laurie and Deb after the auction is closed and a majority of donations have been collected.

I was lucky enough to meet Deb Mensinger at Wiscon 31, and after the con was over spent a very pleasant evening hanging out and talking with her, Laurie, Nisi Shawl, [personal profile] wild_irises, and abostick59 at the home of Diane Martin and Jim Hudson. I'm sorry to hear that this smart, thoughtful, sturdy woman is so ill. I'm going to do everything in my power to help.

She deserves to live and thrive. Mere money should not stand in the way.
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