April 29th, 2010



Running a temperature, suffering nameless digestive upsets, and feeling myself utterly loathsome and useless. Yes, I am sick.

Even knowing that the misery is a by-product of whatever germ has invaded me only helps somewhat. Between naps, I'm trying to force my attention onto something else. Almost anything else.

I would like to feel better soon.

How are you? And can you distract me, please?
redwood, tree

NPM: Poem of the Day

The Lotus
by: Li Bai (701-762)
translated by Shigeyoshi Obata

In the deep sequestered stream the lotus grows,
Blooming fresh and fair in the morning sun.
Its glowing petals hide the clear autumn water,
And its thick leaves spread like blue smoke.
Alas! in vain its beauty excels the world.
Who knows? Who will speak of its rare perfume?
Lo, the frost will come, chilling the air,
And its crimson must wither, its fragrance fade.
Ill it has chosen the place to plant its root.
Would it could move to the margin of a flower pond!