May 4th, 2010

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Pema Chodron, on love and grief

This is something I got from a friend; It's part of a longer talk. Definitely worth passing along. I'm not sure if the footnote was in the original or added by my friend.

"Any of you that have experienced great grief sometimes know that grief can reach a point where the grief is so strong that you walk around the world, and you look at people and you look at things and there are no filters between you and anything, you're just completely open, because you have been so reduced by your grief that you no longer have a cocoon. And that it's actually a very bittersweet experience because the grief is there and it doesn't feel good, but on the other hand it is opening you to your world and you feel a tremendous tenderness for everything.

"The 'good' experience that's like this is falling in love. Falling in love is sort of similar. It doesn't have the painful part,* but the ego falls apart, and there's this sense of connectedness and tenderness for the beloved. And sometimes it spreads out so you feel it for everything."

*Sometimes, and sometimes not.