August 19th, 2010

green road

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

My trip east this time seems as complicated as an invasion of Europe and about as lengthy. Three planes will take me east on a red-eye flight that includes long stopovers in Salt Lake City and at JFK. Then I get to kill 4 hours in the Syracuse airport before Alan's train comes in. I may be able to meet up with my sister; otherwise, I'll hang out and work. Thank God for free wifi.

Then we rent a car, drive 307 miles to New London, settle in, and collapse. We'll have 4 days and 5 nights there in a suite motel while Alan plays poker at Foxwoods. Then I drop Alan at a train (he's going to NYC next) and drive at least 350 miles to see my sister. Then further the next day to see my mother and another sister and nephew. (He's 16 already. And he's the youngest of his generation.) Oh, and somewhere in here I see my therapist, because we've been doing therapy over the phone for most of 12 years, and it's good to see him in person occasionally. And this does not include any side trips, at least one of which is absolutely essential and will take me through Rhode Island and into Massachusetts. I might even get to Harvard.

All told, the *minimum* driving I'll be doing is 1112 miles -- all of it alone except the first 307 miles.

And the trip back features 3 planes again. Instead of the 3- and 4-hour waits of the trip east, however, I'll have a mere 44 minutes to change planes. At O'Hare. (facepalm) Then almost 2 hours at Denver. Then home home home home HOME.

I just hope gas is cheap in PA, NY, CT, and MA.