September 10th, 2010


The Ultimate Burger

[personal profile] calimac says:
My canonical hamburger is thick and juicy, hand-patted and grilled by my father and served on a lightly toasted bun with my choice of toppings. He then goes on to discuss the attractions of various fast-food burgers.

Personally, I don't like burgers that are too thick -- I can't get my mouth around them. Also, they tend to be red in the middle.

So I'm wondering: what do you like in a burger? What condiments do you prefer? Which chain has the best burger? (Wendy's is the fast-food choice of professional chefs.) What do you like on the side?

Me: Cheese, pickles, hot sauce. Wendy's. In-n-Out's French fries. Or sweet potato fries, or really good onion rings. (Not Burger King's, which are apparently made from recycled tires.)