October 25th, 2010


Gnawin' on It

A combined meme and personal update. Also a pop-culture query.

Life is still unsettled, but that's just how it's going to be for a while. I'm hanging in there. Trying to get myself more organized and to continue the vast project of stripping down my possessions. Still fighting insomnia and leftover PTSD brain chemicals.

Luckily, I have a lot to look forward to: cheering the Giants in the Series, [personal profile] joedecker's art opening, the Richard Shindell concert. Also turns out that Shindell, a thoughtful, complex folksinger whose work I find tremendously moving, was in the Boy Scouts with my cousins in Long Island. They didn't know he was a musician. It's very small and somewhat bizarre world.

I could use some help on Saturday while I am sorting stuff in my old storage unit and moving it to the new smaller unit. The moving of stuff is easy -- they supply wheely carts -- and mainly what I want is company while I sort stuff. If you're willing to take stuff for yourself, to give away, or to drop at a thrift shop, better yet, but this isn't a requirement. Being willing to listen to me laugh, scream, cry, and tell long pointless stories about what I unearth is essential, however.

We watched Bubba Ho-Tep the other night, which I enjoyed a lot. Ossie Davis is a brilliant actor.

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What's up with you?

Also, have you ever heard of Awkward Turtle? Used the gesture? Seen it used? When did it start?