January 11th, 2011


You Can Help Someone Freezing Cold and Sick

Someone in my extended social circle is in serious trouble. Her housemate is traveling and turns out not to have paid the oil company. Ever. They're entirely out of oil, and they're freezing. Oh, and she's got lung problems and a teenage daughter.

They hope to pay back the money as soon as they get it from the defaulting roommate -- assuming that's even possible.

If you have a little spare cash, consider giving a little something, or reposting this.


I've deleted the links; they've reached their goal already.

We rock. We ROCK.

What Are You Doing March 11-13?

Are you coming to FOGcon? It's a new speculative fiction convention in San Francisco -- the city so surreal they named SF after us. (Well, no, but it's a great line.) March 11-13. The brilliant Pat Murphy and Jeff VanderMeer will be honored guests, Ann VanderMeer will be honored editorial guest, and the late, great Fritz Leiber is ghost of honor. Should be a great con.

We've secured a spectacular room rate at a beautiful hotel, too. You can come for Potlatch and stay for FOGcon -- we're even arranging special events for the days between. Come and join us!
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