May 27th, 2013

green road

Life Is Short

Love each other. And wear your Goddamned seatbelt.

Being beautiful and talented and hardworking won't save you. Being young won't save you. A seatbelt might.

Yes, just heard about the death of a friend and former co-worker in an accident. I'm shocked, I'm sad, and I'm angry. I don't know if a seatbelt would have saved her. But it's an easy thing to think about, instead of facing the abyss of yet another early, unnecessary death.

I cannot even begin to talk about what she was like. I cannot look at this head-on.


[personal profile] elusis suggested that Sarah may have taken off her seatbelt after they hit the median but before the party bus hit them. That makes sense to me.

Also, someone has put up some great Sarah Klein quotes.

Sparkly Deville on valuing our bodies

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