December 10th, 2013


Ask Away!

Swiped (and modified) from a locked post:

I like that meme that's going around -- the one where commenters assign topics for one to post about on particular days. I rather wish I could do it, but ... no way. I'm having enough trouble following through on existing obligations. So here is a modified version of the ask-me-questions meme.

1. Ask me anything you like, and I'll try to answer.

2. No assigned dates.

3. Comments on this post are screened, (a) because it will embarrass me less if nobody asks any questions, (b) so as not to embarrass anyone who asks a question that I don't feel comfortable answering, and (c) so that you can ask more privately. When I answer a question, I will only identify the asker if you say that's okay in your comment. Also, I may decide to make the entry friends-only if it's something personal.

4. You really can ask me anything at all, including questions from that category of "things one feels one is probably supposed to know about another person already but doesn't," but if you'd like to participate and aren't sure what to ask, may I suggest you ask me what I thought about a book?

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