November 26th, 2014


Ask a Question, Any Question

This month I'm buried in NaNoWriMo and some other work, and I'm really enjoying the daily writing. One way to keep it up is through this blog. So I'm participating in the December Writing meme this year. If you're not familiar with the meme, reply to this entry with a writing prompt (situation, character, question, thought exercise, thought crime, whatever) and a date to write it. I'll do my best to write something fresh, interesting, and relevant to your interests.

And now for the dates. I'll fill this in as you claim them with prompts.

  • 1 Dec : </a></a>amaebi a call story
  • 2 Dec   [personal profile] mamagotchamamagotcha: There's something you should know about that chair...</user>
  • 3 Dec  [personal profile] spiralsheep : an awesome encounter with a tree or other large plant, please (anecdotage or micro-fic or poetry or whatevz are all acceptable mediums afaic). :-)</user>
  • 4 Dec plasticsturgeon: deep sea fish
  • 5 Dec   [personal profile] amaebiAn echo of Guy Fawkes.</user>
  • 6 Dec   [personal profile] melannen[personal profile] melannen  Something about the weather</user></user>
  • 7 Dec  [personal profile] pokershaman  [personal profile] pokershaman   Living in infamy.</user></user>
  • 8 Dec
  • 9 Dec  </a></a>hobbitbabe Tell me something about a too-complicated-to-explain relationship.
  • 10 Dec 
  • 11 Dec  [personal profile] serene Please tell about other happy moments in your life.</user>
  • 12 Dec [personal profile] elainegrey : What is the right response (for vegetarian or non vegetarian) when seeing a California menu claiming to have a Philly Cheese steak? (Max's had one, which is why this comes to mind.)</user>
  • 13 Dec [personal profile] julian Do you have a favorite non-family person? Who? Why?</user>
  • 14 Dec  [personal profile] corvi something about a sea shell, please.
  • 15 Dec
  • 16 Dec (Hanukkah Begins) [personal profile] sine_nomine  A transformative experience using oil
  • 17 Dec
  • 18 Dec
  • 19 Dec
  • 20 Dec
  • 21 Dec (Winter Solstice) </a></a>hobbitbabe something about light - about light you were glad to see, about sunlight, or whatever
  • 22 Dec
  • 23 Dec [personal profile] sine_nomine Of Music...
  • 24 Dec (Hanukkah Ends) [personal profile] amaebi The dreidl drops</user>
  • 25 Dec (Christmas Day) rightkindofme a story about a mother getting her first ever Santa presents from her teenage children.
  • 26 Dec (Boxing Day) </a></a>boozymatic planning a birthday party for an adult who has never had one before
  • 27 Dec
  • 28 Dec [personal profile] gramina : Water, stone, and light</user>
  • 29 Dec
  • 30 Dec </a></a>hobbitbabe write something about resting.
  • 31 Dec (New Year's Eve) </a></b></a>sine_nomine </b></a></span>As the Year Turns...</a>

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