December 10th, 2014


December Writing Meme: Playing Catch-Up

I've been busy with work, website revamping, and other offline issues. However, I'm still writing on these topics, and I still have some days open.

Day 4: plasticsturgeon: Deep Sea Fish

This one is turning out to be a poem, and it’s coming slowly. However, I can tell you ten fascinating facts about deep sea fish.

1. We don’t know much about them, partly because their bodies are adapted to the enormous pressures of their native ocean depths. Any lab where they could be examined would have to be under the same pressure, in which case human scientists would be flattened.

2. If brought too rapidly to the surface, they can get the bends, just like human divers.

3. Or their cells can explode – not, so far as I know, like human divers. This fact may be the origin of the Discworld delicacy called blowfish squishi. See Pyramids.

4. They live so far below the ocean’s surface they never see sunlight.

5. Some couldn’t see sunlight anyway, because they are not just blind but eyeless.

6. Others, however, would be blinded by an excess of light. Their eyes are as much as 100 times more light-sensitive than human eyes. (All these comparisons with humans seem stale, but our own selves are the measure of strangeness.)

7. Among the top Google results for “deep sea fish” are several articles touting the weirdness and ugliness of these astonishing creatures.

8. Why do they have eyes anyway, if they never see sunlight?

9. I can’t give you a because. “Because” implies causality.

10. They swim in the dark, lit only by the glow of their own luminous flesh.

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