Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 07-31-2009

  • 01:15:03: RT @neonnurse Absolutely totally THE BEST cartoon about "Gates-gate"!! Wins &#221E; internets!
  • 06:17:43: RT @books Student sues for deleting his homework - notes on his copy of 1984 Amazon erased from his Kindle
  • 06:21:47: .@porcinea Global warming makes weather patterns play musical chairs. Oregon has Oklahoma weather. NYC has Hawaii. (Sans volcanoes, I hope.)
  • 07:42:13: Scheduling birthday celebrations for myself and various Leo friends.
  • 09:54:41: @whittles Excellent luck! And let us know how it goes. I have extreme allergies.
  • 10:58:46: RT @MsLorelei Today is Sysadmin Appreciation Day *and* World Breastfeeding Day. No mashups, please.
  • 14:27:34: RT @beyondmythology: "Truth does not change because it is, or is not, believed by a majority of the people." ~Giordano Bruno
  • 14:30:51: Of course, Bruno was burned at the stake for heresy.
  • 21:25:48: @mactavish IMX, WisCon is usually a lot mellower than that. The few extremists get lost in the general sisterliness.
  • 21:29:10: RT @britgeekgrrl Emergency Kitten Network activated!
  • 22:06:44: Dinner = Brussels sprouts sauteed with prosciutto, crimini mushrooms with barley. Heavenly. We played Godzilla munching cabbages too.
  • 22:11:47: RT @gtdguy: To get thru corporate security - foto ID + no more than 3 1-oz containers of humanity.
  • 22:17:53: @bindr The #Phillies softened them up for you.
  • 22:26:37: @youhas Multimedia Bluesmobile? Best mental image of the day.

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