Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

A Poem by Pier Giorgio Di Cicco


the heart has turned to water;
—water, where the heart has split
like a river carving the stone, the
river of pain turned
to mercy, turned
to healing,
water in place of heart;

a roar unlike niagara, the euphrates;
a river like a blind eye shedding rivers of

to wake up, mouth parched
like a desert, dreaming thirst for what was,
what might have been; when the water

is for healing, not drinking;

the waters of love and pity,
are the slaked dreams of the father.

dreams come true. the splintered
ones are His business.
like a snake eating its tail,
there is only healing and healing.

what was wanted in the first place,
beyond reach, forever.

to go home, to
pluck the apple
of desire—a name, a place,
an unfulfilled.

one death and the healing is done.

this thirst
flowing through the cracks of my heart
for everyone.

--Pier Giorgio Di Cicco
From The Dark Time of Angels
Mansfield Press 2003
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