Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

FOR SALE: Before I List Them on CL or Freecycle

Light oak (?) dinette set: 42" round table with one 18" leaf, four broad-seated ladderback chairs with upholstered seats. $75

Rocky Giraffe Cross Stitch Frame Holder
The self-aligning head tilts and swivels for comfortable stitching and even flips over to allow easy snipping of threads on the back of needlework. Frame holder adjusts to 30" in height. Special knobs for easy tightening included. For right or left handed users. This frame has a very high quality finish; each piece is hand sanded. Made of solid Rock Maple, the wood is furniture quality. For right- or left-handed users.

Includes frame, extra knobs, leaflet holder. $50

Soap Molds
Dozens of designs, including many Milky Way Soap Supplies molds. (Also some naughty ones. You did expect that, didn't you?) $3 apiece, or make an offer on a bunch.

Cross Stitch Fabric
Everything from 14-count Aida to Silkweaver hand-dyed evenweaves to Belfast linen. Just $1 each. Stock up!

Home-recorded movies on video. Hundreds. If nobody wants them, they may go in the trash.

Soaping/Fragrance Supplies
These essential oils and fragrance oils have been in storage for years. God knows how potent they still are. If you're interested, come and sniff and take what you want. If the EO isn't good, the bottle is still useful.
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