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Voting with Your Wallet

Whole Paycheck Foods won't be getting any more of my money. Not after the CEO's disingenuous claim that nobody need be sick until they're 95 or so, as long as they're eating right and following the unrestrained market economy. Yeah, the same kind of unrestrained market that created the current depression. There's a boycott on. Thanks to [info - personal] klwalton, among others.

Like [info] alleahna, I won't be staying at any Marriott property again. Not after the Marriott in posh Stamford, CT, blamed a woman raped in its hotel parking garage for her own assault. The company alleges that the woman was at fault for not paying attention. She was buckling her two young children into their car seats when the rapist shoved a gun into the small of her back. Oh, and the Marriott lawyers have
subpoenaed several people who know the woman but were not aware of the attack, including family members, friends, a Pilates instructor, tennis partners, and a baby sitter.

That's dirty pool. That's freaking indefensible.

Try your local farmer's market or Costco for food. Dunno which hotel chains are better than Marriott, but you can always try a bed and breakfast instead.
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