Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 08-20-2009

  • 02:53:11: @ajodasso I'm bicoastal: originally from PA, still loyal and loving. But after 8 years here (of 50) I am a Californian too.
  • 17:30:57: RT @Queerty: If Everyone Over Age 30 Died, 38 States Would Have Gay Marriage Via @Ealasaid
  • 17:37:22: RT @jhgrant: FLOTUS wearing shorts to hike isn't obscene. People dying from lack of health insurance is fcking OBSCENE. Via @whittles
  • 17:50:33: .@Fungible Fill your pie-pops with chopped apples and your awesome plum/chile pepper jam, which I tasted while visiting @tenacious_snail
  • 18:20:43: @ashiegrrrl Welcome back, and good luck in your new life.
  • 18:38:16: @NorwichGrrl Oh, excellent news -- for you and for us readers.
  • 19:00:02: Because you can be fat AND sexy. RT @Mollena *growly fat girl stomps around* ....and looks h0t doing it. So there.
  • 19:03:43: Clarity and gentleness. Also, hard work. RT @fightingwords: I would like some easy answers to life's most difficult question, plz.

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