Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 08-24-2009

  • 01:49:09: @NorwichGrrl Can you just have cake and champagne? Or have a potluck and/or dessert-only meal?
  • 02:15:02: Great games! Pwned twice by the Elder Gods, but the #Phillies beat the Mets with an unassisted triple play. #baseball #arkhamhorror
  • 12:14:56: @whittles Happy birthday -- great way to celebrate!
  • 17:55:40: CA license plate on a red Mini: MNI MEAN. Truth in advertising, too. Bastard cut me off.
  • 18:43:56: RT @BarackObama Spread the truth: How to respond to the lie that health reform means "pulling the plug on grandma"
  • 19:01:01: .@firinel A friend of mine posited that medievalists are cat people, Renaissance scholars dog people. I'm a cat people.
  • 19:27:10: RT @mcmoots LINE BREAKS. They have existed since the beginning of ASCII, why can't your systems preserve them?
  • 19:38:22: RT @tordotcom: Mindblowing SF by Women and People of Color: Compiled from ABW and Feminist SF blogs
  • 19:55:07: Shhh, the jinx will hear you and wake up. RT @earthdog Is it too early to start a magic number count for the Phillies?
  • 19:56:41: RT @genreville Author [& dear friend of mine] Mia Nutick is struggling for funds:
  • 21:40:51: PT @ChrisDeLeon A modern citizen without work may face [snip] an identity crisis. "What are you?" "I am... not sure right now."

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