Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

De-Accession Progress Report

Monday I mailed off my wedding and engagement rings to a place that buys such jewelry for cash. With that money, I should be able to replace the iBook hard drive, maybe even upgrade the memory a bit.

Today -- Wednesday -- a book buyer is coming to go through 20-odd boxes of books and see what his store will take. Depending on what and how much is left, the rest may be donated somewhere or sold to a different bookstore.

I've got three or four boxes of random goodies to go to a thrift store.

Three large garbage bags of clothes in perfect condition went to the Big Moves sale. I tossed a lot of clothes with holes or ineradicable stains.

Still to come: sorting files, culling office supplies, purging the craft stuff. I plan to cut way back on the bead collection, the soaping supplies, and the counted cross-stitch stuff. And yes, I am willing -- nay, eager -- to swap my goodies for your help moving furniture, boxes, etc., or doing cleaning.

Also, anybody know somebody with muscles interested in making a little on the side? Because I cannot move all this furniture alone.

As for how I feel about all this? Exhilarated. (Achy, too, in spots.) But mostly I am cackling with glee as each new thing goes on the heap of stuff to remove.

Free, I tell you! I shall be free of all that!
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