Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 08-27-2009

  • 02:23:43: @whipartist Flop and River? Check and Raise? Flush and Straight? Shuffle and Deal? Chance and Skill?
  • 02:42:13: is now accepting new research, writing, or editing assignments. Email me at this name at
  • 04:59:24: @abostick59 That's fabulous! Feel free to call or IM me when you get in -- I am awake and working.
  • 14:02:04: Halloween is 65 days from now. But the Lucky supermarket has Halloween candy for sale. Why yes, I am frightened.
  • 15:22:04: RT @Fungible: My greatest enemy resides between my ears. (via @kevinhoctor)
  • 22:07:42: RT @mactavish: [sweet] RT @violetblue wow the Castro rainbow flag is indeed at half staff for Ted Kennedy. I sit corrected!
  • 22:09:01: RT @abostick59: Bad developers! No cookies! #SaveReTweets RT @anahcrow New RT policy will make a mess of retweeting:
  • 23:07:35: Friend of mine created a mashup of #ShadowRun and Arkham Horror. Will never be commercially available but looks fun and playable. #gaming
  • 23:10:48: Discussing high school: Who needs Arkham Horror when you have teenagers?

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