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Equinoctial Stor(ms)(ies)

Fall is the time for scary stories. Be warned.

Scary Food

Patriotic Twinkie Pie and other appalling Hostess recipes. Don't blame me, blame [info - personal] copperwise.

White Castle casserole. Made with genuine White Castle burgers. Don't blame [info - personal] copperwise, blame me.

Scary Pictures. But Adorable

My First Fail

Scary People and Ideas

Bad idea of the month: Can't buy me love. So I'll extort it. He tried to win her heart with extravagant gifts. That didn't work, so he hired someone to kidnap her, repeatedly slash her face, and burn her car. That way she would "need" him, and she wouldn't think she was superior. I can see why this guy had trouble with women. Can you?

Torture doesn't work. There are a good many reasons why it's a bad idea, ranging from the ethical (it's evil) to the pragmatic (it endangers our captured soldiers and encourages terrorism against our citizens). But it also simply does NOT work:
In the journal, Trends in Cognitive Science, Shane O’Mara of the Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience in Dublin, examined the legal memos released in April detailing U.S. "enhanced" interrogation techniques from 2002 to 2005. O'Mara says, "they seem based on the idea that repeatedly inducing shock, stress, anxiety, disorientation and lack of control is more effective than standard interrogatory techniques in making suspects reveal information." 
However, studies of stress hormones in similar situations suggest such techniques will damage the parts of the brain where memories reside, and lead to "confabulation" of reality with fantasy.

Non-Scary Request

Also, if you have not given me your contact info, please do!
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