Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

Thanks--And Helping Others

I'm grateful beyond words for the help of my friends, who have so kindly contributed to help me. Thank you. I hope to pay it forward.

Although I can't financially contribute to others right now, this project is well within my powers.
I got this from Madrobins on LJ.

Anyone who knows either [info]editrx and her husband [info]baron_elric knows they are excellent people: smart, kind, enthusiastic, funny, and generous*. They also have been hit by more calamitous health-and-life-related trouble than should be allowed, even by the Chaos Fairy, particularly in the last year. They live in the Northeast, where the heating bills are fearsome; they have a mortgage and medical payments and, as skilled freelance toilers in the text wrangling business, have been facing the same downturn everyone else has, magnified by the publishing industry's woes. So a bunch of kind people have established a fundraiser--actually a matched set of fundraisers--to help them out:

Fundraiser One: an anthology of original fiction.
Fundraiser Two: a cookbook

I've already sent in one recipe (no, not for cake; predictably the editor of the cookbook is awash in desserts and needs "real food" recipes) and intend to send another couple this afternoon (alas, until the Book is done, no short stories for me). And I intend to pony up and purchase books when they come out. One of the things I've been impressed with in the LJ community is its willingness to help out individuals and causes we believe in. I believe in these people, and I believe it's time the tide of karma started flowing toward them for a little while. If you feel likewise, check out the link above.

*yes, guys. You can stop blushing; it's all true.

I'm going to send them some of my recipes, and maybe a story.
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