Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 10-13-2009

  • 02:02:35: In my town! RT @Alonis: - I just found an effin Tarantula (sp Dont F with me!) in my house. Ummm, he's dead now.
  • 02:03:45: @dangerpudding A very happy (slightly belated) birthday to you.
  • 02:05:11: RT @Mollena: It is sad when people in pain lash out sideways...twisting their pain into a jagged scourge to pull down allies.
  • 03:51:48: Awaiting the first big (rain) storm of the season. I think I'll make a pot of soup.
  • 08:38:41: Gay man of color chased, taunted, and beaten into a coma by homophobes.
  • 09:39:21: Not to mention fiscal collapse. RT @Alonis: rt @continuitycorp Four seasons of CA -- Earthquakes, Wildfires, Floods and Mudslides
  • 10:22:40: Today it's pouring rain. I'm sneezing, sniffly, sore-throated. Good day to stay inside and eat soup.
  • 11:16:45: @TheNextWeb Yes, there are plenty of women here.
  • 12:39:49: Trader Joe's tomato/roasted red pepper soup is pretty good. Add a lot of chipotle to it, and it's much better. #TJs
  • 12:50:27: Watch out for landslides. RT @CalFireNews: Lockheed Fire area: Santa Cruz / Ben Lomond RAWS 6.74" of rain since 2000hrs

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