Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

Out of the Past

Amazing what can surface years or even centuries after it seemed to be dead and gone.

Lost Leonardo drawing identified by his fingerprints. The gallery owner who had it for two years—then sold it t for $19,000—doesn't believe it's a Leonardo.

Service records for 250,000 late-medieval English soldiers. It's searchable by first name, surname, rank, and more (although the search field keeps defaulting, annoyingly, to First Name--not terribly useful unless you're studying the prevalence of the name John in medieval soldiers). Link from [info - personal] oursin

You think banning DDT and similar destructive compounds got rid of them? Think again. Melting glaciers are releasing old pollutants locked in their ice. It's affecting some Alpine lakes. Another side effect of global warming.

A Regency romance in 2 minutes. OK, it's not the real past. It's the past as we fantasize it could have been.

Gender Across Borders looks at the remarkably modern practice of Victorian photocollage. Interestingly surreal.

Evidence of Viking trade with the predecessors of the Inuit in Arctic Canada.
Tags: art, global warming, history, links
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