Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 10-15-2009

  • 06:05:57: @abostick59 sending a hug your way.
  • 08:17:57: California: Fun with earthquakes. #geonerd #shakeout
  • 09:34:51: Standing in line at the DMV, checking for a place to take cover when the Shakeout drill starts.
  • 13:19:38: CA license plate I NEVER. Sure, I believe you.
  • 15:25:55: RT @dollymiiix "Yo, #balloonboy, imma let you finish, but Amelia Earhart had one of the best disappearances during a flight of ALL time."
  • 15:40:30: Outrage. RT @LGBTPride: WTF!? Interracial couple denied marriage license in La. - #lgbt #race
  • 16:17:10: The brass playing the "Ode to Joy" theme in Beethoven's 9th may be even better than when it's sung.
  • 16:55:55: Bitch in an SUV just sped up to hit me as I was walking from the parking lot to the grocery store.
  • 18:18:26: RT @nrodovsky: So, can I take a nap without all y'all climbing into helium filled space crafts and freaking out the U.S. Military?
  • 18:18:59: As Pterry said, "Undead Yes! Unperson No!" RT @sparklydevil: Support Zombie rights!
  • 18:20:20: @Cadigan Yeah, I survived -- and yelled that in California, pedestrians have the right of way. She laughed. Weird and disturbing.
  • 18:22:03: @lysana Dunno what was up with her. Maybe I resemble her hated mother. Maybe she's nuts. Or from a place where such behavior is normal.
  • 18:29:08: @Cadigan Hadn't thought about 12 Monkeys, but you're right. Great movie, especially if you know and love Philadelphia.
  • 18:30:52: RT @Kimberly_Kaye: PeEpS wHo WriTe likE Dis nEeD To hAvE tHerrr tWitTter LiSceNsEs rEvOkEd. FoR rEalZ.
  • 18:32:20: @closetmastrbakr Bad plumber. No doughnut.
  • 18:36:32: RT @Fungible: I bet #balloonboy is going to be grounded. #badpun (via @arleigh)
  • 19:30:00: And did I mention the database of medieval soldiers?
  • 19:55:02: Melting glaciers are releasing old pollutants (like DDT) locked in their ice.
  • 21:22:32: Wow, what a game! #Phillies beat the Dodgers 8-6. Trying to slow down my breathing after the tense final inning.
  • 21:56:33: The two-minute Regency romance. Hilarious.
  • 22:15:13: Evidence of Viking trade with the predecessors of the Inuit in Arctic Canada.

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