Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 10-29-2009

  • 00:17:07: Matthew Shepard's mother on her work, her son, and the hate crime bill named for him.
  • 01:04:42: @twrivia Dallas, TX.
  • 03:26:04: @fightingwords Free? Because I have one. Dunno what kind of shape it's in -- it was in storage for years -- but you can have it. Free.
  • 06:57:50: RT @KCBSNews: Still no estimate on Bay Bridge re-opening. Text ALERT to 45227 and we'll text you when we have word on timing of re-open.
  • 07:51:57: I had an essay on Ursula K. Le Guin included in a festschrift for her 80th birthday. I am thrilled.
  • 07:59:47: Love that price tag! RT @Fungible: Yankee Steroid Cupcake!
  • 10:03:16: Hey Jude, let it flow(chart). Via @LadyCrow
  • 10:04:41: @lysana Thanks. I've been keeping it quiet until the book was set, bound, and presented to her as a very personal birthday gift.
  • 16:46:08: Ahnold is always so classy. Now he's sent an obscene acrostic to the legislature.
  • 17:06:14: When Scooby Doo goes wrong.
  • 19:38:37: Ouch. Yanks ahead 3-1, a men on, no outs, bottom of the 7th.
  • 19:45:04: Whew, out of the inning without more damage.
  • 20:28:14: This just means we'll get to have 3 games in Philadelphia.

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