Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 10-31-2009

  • 07:24:50: @stephenfry Don't leave us. We love you.
  • 15:44:11: @Fungible Me, please.
  • 17:26:19: Still raining in Philadelphia.
  • 19:12:38: Wow, great 2d inning: 3-0 Phils.
  • 19:34:17: Hey, click the Google logo. Enjoy. Click again.
  • 19:38:10: Bizarre situation - ball hit the camera, but otherwise wd it have left the park? They're ruling it HR. So it's 3-2, middle of the 4th.
  • 19:41:10: Also, either something's wrong with the closed-caption keyboard, or the captioner sucks. Dropped letters: accate for accurate, e for use.
  • 19:55:06: Yeesh, now the freaking Yankee pitcher has batted in the tying run.
  • 20:53:48: Yargh. It's the middle of the 7th, Yankees lead 7-4, and I am losing hope.
  • 21:42:00: Oh God. Bottom of the 9th. One out. Yankees lead 8-3. And Ruiz hits a home run. Now we just need 4 more runs.
  • 21:43:38: Yankees win.
  • 22:25:27: Don't forget to fall back!

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