Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 11-05-2009

  • 01:25:49: RT @abostick59: Marriage equality loses in Maine, Yankees win in NY. "And I say to myself, what a wonderful world..."
  • 06:10:03: Remember, remember, the Fifth of November.
  • 08:32:06: Same sh!t, different day. PW lists Top 10 Books of 2009. All the authors are male.
  • 08:55:11: And a room of our own. RT @Kimberly_Kaye Apparently we need both a pen AND a penis.
  • 09:36:27: RT @mactavish: RT @sciencebase: Don't click any quiz links in DMs even from people you otherwise trust. They got phished.
  • 19:10:43: @Leatherz I just read on Facebook that my 15-year-old nephew *is* watching V for Vendetta today. Coincidence?
  • 19:13:48: @abostick59 That's a tragedy. I've been aching for some of your smooth, sweet caramel.
  • 19:14:52: RT @johnmknight: Happy Anniversary of the Invention of the Flux Capacitor: November 5, 1955. Thank you Doc Brown (& Mr. Zemeckis)
  • 19:40:16: The People's Slash! RT @catvalente: There is also a restaurant here with a mural of Brezhnev making out with Castro on the ceiling.
  • 19:43:09: @mactavish I didn't even need to see the pic. I iknow whose loading dock that is!
  • 21:10:13: RT @Medancer: RT: @shurwitt - "Norse code ain't nothing but Heimdot and Baldr-dash." (via @BellaCrow)
  • 21:56:48: Diabetes is not always a silent killer. And it's killed some of my favorite people.

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