Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 11-09-2009

  • 01:10:37: @hillarygayle A Lindt cherry+chili dark chocolate bar? Pick one up for me, too, please.
  • 01:12:32: @Mollena He should know this. He's sleeping next to me as I balance a laptop on my chest.
  • 06:02:54: RT @KitsapRiver: Women are over 51% of Dem voters, so why are so many Dem pols throwing away women's right to autonomy? #lysistratalives
  • 06:06:36: Hey, @_housepet RT @CanadaCool: Olympic Torch Relay held up in Churchill MB by Polar Bear crossing the road.
  • 16:17:49: Spotted on Mission Blvd in the East Bay: a car painted like a Holstein with a pair of horns mounted on the roof. It was moooving fast.
  • 16:41:44: Our own @joedecker made the NY Times!
  • 16:43:49: @Mollena Have you seen the twins lately? I dance with *NOBODY*, but I was dancing with one of them the other night.
  • 16:54:31: Like @snurri, I'm suddenly glad not to have been able to afford to go: RT @sfwa: PSA: Possible H1N1 at World Fantasy
  • 16:56:12: Deserves to be spread far and wide. RT @stevenberkowitz: Look, another 54 characters' worth of procrastination.
  • 17:31:31: @Mollena They are the best dancing babies anywhere.
  • 17:34:46: After 2500 years, the lost Persian army of Cambyses: found! (Waist deep in the Big Sandy)
  • 17:46:34: Academic research study on polyamory and spirituality.

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