Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

What a Good Day!

It started with email praising my work on a freelance job I did last week -- yeah, while I was sick. (My voice is still croaking.) When the plumber came by half an hour early, I was already awake and dressed, instead of having to scramble into clothes; better yet, he didn't need to install a new low-flow toilet, since my unit already has one. Excellent. I hate having strangers in my space.

Lunch with [info - personal] gramina; because of my germs, I've missed a couple of dates with her, and I *missed* her. She handed over the newest Terry Pratchett, Unseen Academicals, as well as a couple of other library books to return. (The Pratchett will be read by her whole household plus me before it goes back.)

This was my first time out since before I got sick -- other than to drag the trash outside -- and it was wonderful just to be in the sunlight. I checked out the new library, which has some delightful sculpture and a very nifty book-drop system that actually checks books as you drop them off. Plus a cafe, many shelves of sale books, and plenty of space. Nice going, Castro Valley.

I sat in the sun awhile and read the book. Then home, email, and news of a possibility of additional freelance work. (Crossing fingers.) Then I actually encountered my oldest friend on Facebook's chat. Nice talk. That made me happy.

Did four loads of laundry and finished the Pratchett. I'll never get 90% of the allusions, since it's about soccer (I did pick up some, at which I'm absurdly pleased), but I loved it anyway. Not just for the many delightful touches in the book, but for its strength and heart. And this one deals with a tearing primal guilt and fear that I am all too familiar with. Very, very good. And as usual Terry has strong, interesting female characters -- and he even gets explicit about approving of homosexuality, which was not always clear. (Despite Leonardo da Quirm and his detailed drawings of muscular young men.)

Now I'm going to strip and remake the bed and get some sleep. Tomorrow I'll wake and have a date with [info - personal] pokershaman, who was away last weekend.

A good day, and I am grateful.

How are you doing?
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