Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 11-18-2009

  • 09:34:15: Because SF is cool. RT @mactavish: (Yes: The Bay Bridge has a troll. Metalworkers built it while fixing bridge after Loma Prieta quake.)
  • 09:36:31: RT @jvondeling: Bookstore is donating 100% of profits from "Going Rogue" to Alaska Wildlife Alliance:
  • 09:50:34: @hillarygayle I will surely send for you if my heart starts pounding. or stops.And bring @Quiara too. We could have a party!
  • 09:51:16: RT @FakeAPStylebook: When writing about Wall Street, be sure to mention all instances of eyeballs turning into dollar signs.
  • 09:54:23: Want to buy me a holiday gift? These books are on my lust list. Great for anyone who loves SF. Or rants.
  • 10:11:53: RT @abostick59 Rather than ending the doctrine of corporate personhood, I think a corporation should be 3/5ths of a person.
  • 10:19:08: RT @FakeAPStylebook: When describing earth-moving machinery, make sure to distinguish between regular bulldozers and deadly killdozers.
  • 14:58:09: La..Sen. Vitter doesn't know if Loving v. Virginia was a correct decision: 'I haven't read the case' via @mactavish
  • 15:02:06: RT @historicaltweet: Honestly, who sang this out loud when they read it? "Don't cry for me, ArgenTwitter" #guilty
  • 15:18:32: 2012 in 15 minutes, by the amazing Cleolinda. via @ealasaid
  • 16:16:46: Sex tape tips from expert Carrie Prejean. (Turns out there were at least 8.)
  • 17:12:20: That's what I'm best at, @seaslug_of_doom And if Carrie wants to leave just because I asked a simple question...
  • 17:38:47: Hey, @abostick59! Hints for nocturnal humans from a midwife who has spent 17 years working nights.
  • 17:52:19: RT @fightingwords: QOTD: "Just because you can GET your head that far up your ass doesn't mean we should all celebrate your flexibility."

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