Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 11-19-2009

  • 06:12:17: @marnanel Oh, we should all have bread and roses today.
  • 07:14:21: @abostick59 Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you.
  • 14:51:27: RT @Kimberly_Kaye: This day is lurching along with as much frustrating finesse as a reanimated zombie sloth hooked to a car battery.
  • 14:56:29: @dangerpudding Bye! (waving sadly) Byeeeee! Come back soon! Visit any time! We miss you! (quietly) Damn, she's gone.
  • 14:59:20: RT @sarahdopp: "tea bags are tea leaf jails. free tea from the bondage of paper constriction. loose leaves forever! unite! disperse!"
  • 15:15:59: @ccfinlay Lunchtime can be suntime. Well, has to be, if you're going to get any.
  • 15:43:50: @TheBigRumble IMX the best place to be in an earthquake is CA; we build to code. Blizzards are best in the NE where everyone's used to them.
  • 15:44:22: @TheBigRumble So snow is worse in LA and quakes are worse in Rochester, NY.
  • 15:52:24: .@seismogenic *RAIN* plus LA drivers is dangerous. But DC drivers are just as bad in snow. Boston drivers are evil regardless of weather.
  • 20:39:23: @bindr That's scary -- something similar happened to me recently.
  • 20:41:17: @txtriffidranch I'm whimpering with stone envy.
  • 20:43:19: I can play that role! Blasting White Rabbit in the bathtub. RT @txtriffidranch Now where's my 300-pound Samoan attorney?
  • 20:50:08: @labelleizzy Love to see it!
  • 20:52:39: @porcinea Shiny kitchens are happy kitchens. Hope the minstrels are tasty. Do you eat them with mustard like pretzels?

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