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A Good You Can Do

I'm swiping [info - personal] rm's eloquent post. For this, I have no words.

[info]britgeekgrrl's husband has been battling cancer for a couple of years now. Sadly, that battle is almost over and sooner than was expected. If you've ever lost a loved-one you know that death-related expenses can be massive, even when choosing the most affordable and simple options, as is the case here. Cremation and associated costs are expected to run about $1,400 and it's just not in a budget that thought the timeline on this was going to run for several more months. As [info]kshandra notes in her own post on the subject, we're "also hoping to cover Johanna's day-to-day expenses for a while as she sadly does not qualify for Family Medical Leave Act coverage and only has about 45 hours of PTO available to her at work."

I've known [info]britgeekgrrl online for years and have met her at cons (she is a costumer and, as I put it, of the Whoniverse (a fandom, it's worth noting, that has led to a lot of discussions around here about the connection between death and hope)), although I've never had the pleasure of meeting her husband. I've watched her struggle with the little bullshit life deals all of us and figure it out, and then, sadly have to rise to this particular set of events with dignity and focus in conditions where it would be hard for anyone to have either.

There's not much we can really do for other people, and all of us wind up with our own set of circumstances, but I really believe -- I have to believe -- that there's service and value each in seeing people in, through, and out of this life, even if we don't have children, even if we never have to tend to a loved-one near the end.

So this is me asking for a favor, not just because [info]britgeekgrrl and her husband need your help so that the end of their time together isn't focused on funereal financial worries, but because in a awful situation this is a good you can do even if death is not just a tragic thing, but an ordinary thing.

So, if you've got and money to spare, and I know many of us don't in this economy and this season, please PayPal a little bit to Please select Gift (under Personal) under transaction to reduce the Paypal fee situation. Boosting the signal is also welcome.

I would very much like her to be able to stop worrying about the financial aspect of at least the cremation today, and I believe we can make that happen.

ETA: [info]britgeekgrrl reports that the cremation and related expenses have been covered by everyone's generosity. Additional donations she's received will also allow her to bring in home nursing aides to make this easier on both her and Alex. THANK YOU, INTERNETS.</div>

I know how very tight things are for many on my friendslist. If you can't contribute money, a kind thought or a prayer is equally welcome. I've sent what I can, and I am boosting the signal.

And whether you can help or not, tell someone you love them. Life is so goddamned short. All we have is one another.
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