Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

Stuff Update and Repost

Feel free to offer money or help or both for any of these. Large items like bookcases won't be available until the end of the month. As there are many people interested in the juicier stuff, I'm going to have to give priority to people who give money or help.

Also, when I will need help is next weekend and beyond. Right now I'm pulling out the few things I want to keep and going through old boxes of files.

If you want, I can make you a grab-box of small shippable items. Just let me know favorite color, whether you object to fortune-telling, and whether you're interested in cooking, baking, jewelry-making, embroidery, cross-stitch, general crafts (ribbon, etc.), baking, or soap-making. Please include your shipping address and your LJ/DW name.

My PayPal address is Whatever I send you will be worth considerably more than what you PayPal me.

Stuff -- some stuff added, some stuff taken off

Giant heavy-duty plastic shelves -- 4 feet wide, 2 feet deep, 6 feet tall, I think. The kind you get at Home Depot.

Computer desk, hutch, L-shaped piece. Big. Looks like a Victorian kitchen dresser, kind of.

Four-drawer lateral file, black metal, in terrible shape.

Queen-sized oyster chest bed, sort of. I got this free with no hardware and no instructions on how to fasten the four drawers together or the headboard to anything else. Nevertheless, for years I've been sleeping (and so forth, quite vigorously) on it. The mattress and box spring are shot, and I expect to toss them, but the drawers are in great shape.

Tall solid oak bookcases. Two to four, depending on how many books I take.

Nice solid wood rocker, needs refinishing rather badly. -- may be claimed

Victorian dresser with ungodly heavy marble tops, needs repair. -- may be claimed

Several other bookcases, presswood, tall and short.

Amazingly lovely oak buffet and china cabinet. Cabinet has one door off and the doors tend to stick. Both are smallish.

Amazingly ugly pressboard video/DVD cabinet -- 44 inches tall, 14 inches deep, 24 inches wide (all approximate). Two doors open to show storage space. You will need 2 people to carry it.

Various plastic drawer unit thingies.

Sherry glasses!
Krups coffee machine
many mugs, glassware, serving dishes
Corelle Abundance dishes, most of a set (though still can't find the damned bowls, and I broke a saucer)
some Calphalon pots and pans
some non-Calphaalon pots and pans
Miele vacuum with bags -- may be claimed
carpet sweeper
Dirt Devil 083414 Extreme Power Stick Vacuum -- may be claimed
8 million kitchen gadgets of every description
silicone bakeware
cloth napkins
table linens, formal and informal
candlesticks, pewter, glass
spice racks
LOTs of fresh spices

DSL modem for SBC/Yahoo
many AA batteries (don't ask)
cables and connectors

computer stationery, plain and fancy -- paper, envelopes, cards, whatever
printer paper, plain and photo
computer labels in every size, laser and inkjet
GBC comb binder with combs and report covers-- may be claimed
3-ring binders
DayTimer stuff in a couple of sizes

sewing machine -- may be claimed
soap and candy molds
soaping supplies
cross-stitch supplies and patterns
folding craft table and folding metal chair
beading supplies

Gorgeous dark-green leather coat (almost black), detachable fur collar.
Purple wool plaid handwoven cape from Ireland.-- may be claimed
Lots of jeans size 26 and 28

Tarot decks!
An old wooden doll cradle!-- may be claimed
All kinds of weird and interesting things!
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