Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 12-07-2009

  • 02:02:11: @compilerbitch What's pingy? In need of contact? (Ping!)
  • 02:07:40: @mactavish Um, Clearly I grew up in the 60s. You kids--teen--people in your 30s, get off my lawn!
  • 02:43:32: Best LOLcat in the history of ever.
  • 03:13:58: @britgeekgrrl Not surprising. (Uploading some soothing tea.) I'm on AIM as Lynnwordweaver if you want to chat.
  • 05:52:05: Florida McDonald's refuses to hire transgender worker. How do we know? They left voicemail.
  • 10:56:13: @bjay Not to mention their hamburgers are lousy.
  • 11:19:41: We've got SNOOOOOW! Big excitement for the Bay Area.
  • 12:10:53: @lysana Give him a hug for me!
  • 17:24:21: RT @abostick59: News Shocker: Sarah Palin is lying. She's traveling between stops on her "bus tour" in a Gulfstream jet.
  • 19:49:20: .@ewabbott I read that as "my BOOBS are old enough to drive." Hell, mine are old enough to be president.
  • 20:05:40: @whittles What a wonderful idea!
  • 20:10:35: @angevin2 I've responded. And I am now going to hell.
  • 20:31:42: Droid versus iPhone. Which is style, which substance?
  • 20:38:53: I must have missed the sign-up sheet. RT @Alonis: BREAKING NEWS -- I did NOT have sexual relations with Tiger Woods. (I feel left out.)
  • 20:40:39: @whump When you can't conquer them with logic, baffle them with BS. I don't even want to think about a racehorse duct-taped to a missile.
  • 20:47:53: Where I Write: SF/F authors. Samuel Delany's is best.
  • 20:53:22: @abostick59 LOL -- Alyx is my PDA. (Small, old, powerful.)
  • 20:54:48: It's working well if it sucks. RT @_housepet: do you know if you are doing a good job if you work in a vacuum?
  • 20:55:21: @_housepet Seriously, that drives me bonkers. Give me feedback or give me ... something else.
  • 21:34:30: @tenacious_snail You clipped Dennis Eckersley? Don't you like his 70s mustache?
  • 21:48:22: @labelleizzy We need to get a group together to see Robert Downey Jr. naked in bondage!

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